Facilities & Expertise

Higgs Centre for Innovation Facilities

​The Higgs Centre for Innovation was created to provide access to the expertise of the UK ATC and the University of Edinburgh in the areas of remote sensing instrumentation, space technology and data intensive science. The Centre's facilities and this technical expertise are available to businesses wherever they are based.

The range of facilities available to incubation companies will grow over the next few years, becoming one of the most comprehensive suites available to industry and researchers alike. Accessible facilities to help your commercial research and development include:

  • Space qualification and test facilities
  • Secure labs and clean rooms
  • Metrology and calibration facilities
  • NanoSat/CubeSat electronic testbed
  • RF/EMC pre-compliance testing
  • Vibration testing

Local Expertise

The Centre is located on the historic Royal Observatory Edinburgh site in order to be closely connected with STFC’s UK Astronomy Technology Centre and the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Astronomy. Each has expertise and facilities that will be useful to companies located in or using the facilities of the new centre.

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre

The UK ATC is the UK’s national centre for astronomical technology. The UK ATC designs, builds and calibrates remote-sensing instruments for astronomy and project-manages many international collaborations, as well as conducting astrophysical research.

In order to maintain an excellent track record, the UK ATC has built strong links and connections with outside organisations - locally and globally; in academia and industry; within the astronomy community and outside it. We also work closely with the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Astronomy. The UK ATC works with:

  • European Southern Observatory (ESO)
  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Many more national and international organisations

With dedicated project management and systems engineering professionals, the UK ATC has considerable experience in successfully leading and participating in many large projects.

The Institute for Astronomy

The IfA is a part of the School of Physics & Astronomy in the University of Edinburgh. It conducts world-leading research in a range of areas in astrophysics, including cosmology, exoplanet studies, galaxy and stellar evolution, and quasars.

The IfA’s Wide Field Astronomy Unit is a leader in digital astronomy, and runs the databases and archives for many large astronomical surveys. They have great experience of working with Big Data / Data Analytics techniques over the years.

Work With Us

If you would like to get in touch about using our facilities, or to discuss ways we could collaborate together, please contact: ruairidh.henderson@stfc.ac.uk