Links To Cool Astronomy Sites

Here are just some of the more frequently visited sites by us at the Information Office. They're either very informative, extremely interesting, or just very pretty. If you know of great site you think should feature in this list, then tell us!

* Astronomy Picture of the Day
The very best daily astronomy site on the web. Check it out for the latest news and lots of pretty pictures.
* Computing In Astronomy: A presentation by the Royal Observatory Edinburgh
A step by step visual presentation on how professional astronomers employ modern computing facilities to aid in their research.
* Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Page
Discover what is and isn't true about modern astronomy. Common misconceptions and a few blatantly ridiculous ideas are put straight here.
* Moon Phase Calendar
Find the phase of the moon on any date.
* Earth View
A unique site offering images of Earth as seen from any position in space.
* The Crackpot index
Physics and Astronomy attract weird and wonderful theories from amateurs and professionals alike. Do you have a theory? Test it using this simple points system (before you tell us!).

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