Professional Telescopes

There are many research telescopes around the world, used by professional astronomers. Here is an index, and links to some of them.

The UK Infrared Telescope.
The Anglo-Australian Observatory.
* Gemini
The twin telescopes, Gemini North and Gemini South.
National Optical Astronomy Observatories.
* The Hubble Space Telescope
The Space Telescope Science Institute homepage.
* The World's Largest Telescopes
A table of the largest current and future telescopes - existing facilities, those under construction, the planned series of Extremely Large Telescopes (ELT's), and some other interesting projects.
* Telescope Index
A comprehensive list of all ground and space based research facilities, and links to their sites.

Amateur Telescopes

Many of our enquiries are from members of the public interested in buying or building their own telescopes - or simply curious about the workings of such instruments. The links below point you to various amateur telescope making resources: guides, technical details, organisations, and pioneers of this interesting area.

ATM Organisations and Resources

* The ATM Page
The ultimate resource for amateur telescope information.
* The Stellafane Home Page
A great starting point for people thinking of acquiring a telescope. This page has everything a prospective telescope designer/builder needs.
* ATM's Resource List
The place to find the best manufacturers and suppliers of telescope components.
* Amateur astronomy
Telescope making, imaging, software, links and resources.
* The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society
Amateur Telescope Making Links
* The Newtonian Pages
Good for design tips for and Newtonian telescope, software, AT examples, links, etc.
* The Weird Telescopes Page
Illustrates just how far away from convention you can stray! Many weird and wonderful instruments.

People's Pages

* Mel Bartels' Home Page.
A good page full of interesting and informative telescope building material. An essential starting point for anyone seriously considering building their own instrument.
* Bruce Sayre's home page
Another good page, with lots of interesting designs, tips, and some excellent examples of home built telescopes.
* Victor's astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing page
One of the best guides to grinding a mirror. An absolute must see for anyone seriously considering this.
* Steve Lee's ATM Page
A lot of ideas and tips for successfully constructing a good telescope.
* The Sun Gun
A rather novel solar telescope.

CCD's, Motors, Mirrors etc.

* Starlight Express
Manufacturers of low cost industrial and astronomical CCD cameras.
* Melcor Thermal Solutions
Provide a wide range of cooling products suitable for CCDs.
* Stepper Motors Page
Shows you just what can be achieved with some old stepper motors.
* Jones on Stepping Motors
This is for the more serious amateur. This is a good tutorial on all aspects of how to control and use stepper motors.
* Stepper Motor Control Via RS-232
An easy solution to those who don't want to worry too much about the technicalities of control.
* Victor's astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing page
One of the best guides to grinding a mirror. An absolute must see for anyone seriously considering this.

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