What We Do

Here’s what you can see and do when you come to the observatory, or if we visit you:

Demonstration of the East Dome

Dome Demonstration

Watch the huge dome turn above your head and hear how our astronomers and engineers now work with the greatest telescopes around the world.

Silhouetted children looking through telescopes

Observing The Night Sky

Find the big constellations with your naked eyes and then be inspired with a closer look at planets and other cosmic wonders with our telescopes. Take home your own pocket starcharts.

Boy with a meteorite

Rocks From Space

Get hold of some real rocks from space – these meteorites are the oldest objects you will ever touch. To learn more watch the Space Rocks video.

Girl looking at a home-made comet


Watch us mix the ingredients for a comet to make our own version of space’s "dirty snow balls".

Launching hand made rockets


Make and launch your own rocket!

VISTA's infrared view of the Orion Nebula

Astro Talks

We will guide you through the best of the fantastic images from space.

Entering the Starlab Planetarium

Starlab Planetarium

We can bring our Starlab to your school or venue

Educators training session

Training For Educators

We run a number of workshops for teachers and other educators.