Primary Schools

Bring your class to our Visitor Centre for a range of fun and engaging astronomy based activities, complementing the Curriculum for Excellence.

Please note that Schools visits to our centre are only available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

All groups:

All visits are led by a member of our Education Team and are designed to last for 2 hours.

All classes will experience a tour of our Victorian telescope dome, which houses various hands-on exhibits enabling pupils to explore the properties of light. Also included with every visit is a meteorite handling session – a chance to find out more about these rocks from space

We offer the following packages:

For Level 1 (P1-P3)

Sun, Moon and Earth
Through interactive activities, pupils explore why we have day and night, and how the movement of the Earth and Moon can be linked to the length of a day, month and year. Pupils also explore how we can use shadows to tell the time and make their own sundial.

For Level 2 (P4-P7)

Exploring our Solar System
Our Solar System activities give pupils the chance to discover the relative sizes and positions of the planets and other objects within our Solar System. Also included in the visit for Level 2 pupils is a ‘Meet the Astronomer’ session, which gives pupils the opportunity to talk to a real astronomer working for the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and ask any questions they may have about the universe.

A standard visit costs £3 per pupil, and we require 1 accompanying adult for every 8 children. These accompanying adults go free, any additional adults are charged at £4 per person.

Additional activities for Level 2

Rocket Workshop
Get the class working in pairs to design and build a simple rocket, and then see how far it will fly. Pupils are able to investigate what features make the best rocket.

This activity can be added on to your visit for an extra £3 per head, making your visit last for the full school day.